SNA Visa Services represents a highly qualified and motivated team, ready to provide the necessary information about the visa, both for individuals and commercial. Our professionalism and attention to detail distinguish us among other companies in the tourism industry, which allowed us to prove ourselves as a reliable assistant in the design of business and tourist visas for many independent and corporate agents.

Why you should go to Canada?

As a developed nation, Canada is also the second largest country in the world and a member of the Group of Eight. Annually, more than 5 million people visit Canada to explore various business and travel opportunities. Combine business with pleasure to spend the best vacation in Canada. While you are dreaming and planning a route for your Canadian trip, specialists from SNA Visa Service take steps to send your visa application to Canada in the most efficient manner.

Since this visa is only for non-immigrants, we will help you prove that you have all intentions to return to your home country at the end of your visit, which is the most important requirement for eligibility criteria for obtaining a visitor visa in Canada. 

Canada consists of three unique territories and ten different provinces, and the diversity of geographical and cultural features in the country is endless.

With Canada’s strong economy, you could visit the state to participate in any business conference. While you are focused on a meeting related to your business trip, we can greatly facilitate your task by providing you with a guest visa to Canada without complications.

Advanced medical facilities are another reason why people want to get a visa to Canada. Since 87% of Canadians are satisfied with medical facilities in their country, this is certainly proof that medical tourism in Canada is a common option. Those foreign students who want to take a short-term course lasting less than six months in Canada must also apply for a guest visa or temporary residence visa in Canada.

Guest visa to Canada. Selection criteria.

As each country ensures the full security of its citizens, visitors to the country often must qualify under the conditions of admissibility, and Canada is no exception to this. If you want to go to Canada for any temporary purpose, whether it’s medical assistance, business trip or just for pleasure, you must get a visa to enter Canada after meeting all the requirements for the system. SNA Visa Service is your professional and reliable ally, which will provide you with a guest visa to Canada and help you prepare all the necessary documents.

Guest visa to Canada Application process.

From the submission of a correctly completed application and the attachment of the necessary supporting documents before filing the application in the required visa department, everything should be in perfect order. Getting a visa to Canada is quite a subjective matter, and much depends on the discretion of the consul who issues visas. Thus, any discrepancy may lead to a refusal or delay in obtaining a visa.

The manager of SNA Visa Service will consult on completing an application for a guest visa to Canada and help you get rid of errors that may interfere with the implementation of your dreams.

Why can you get a refusal on the application?

SNA Visa Service does not limit its approach to the traditional route and often adds its own knowledge about Canada for obtaining guest visas. This makes us proud of our satisfied and ever-expanding customer base.

Causes that often lead to Canada’s refusal of visa applications:

  • Difficulty in convincing the visa center employee of your intention to return to your country;
  • Unfinished or inaccurately completed application forms;
  • Lack of relevant supporting documents;
  • There is not enough money to support yourself during the trip;
  • The applicant has been convicted;
  • The refusal of any undesirable hidden fact on the part of the applicant.

Being in this industry for years, we often encounter applicants who regret their own initiatives, as well as about the money and time that they lost while trying to open a visa to Canada on their own. Sometimes applying to visa centers through inexperienced immigration consultants can also lead you to a difficult situation.

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