Want to see with your own eyes the Tower Bridge and Big Ben, Stonehenge and the majestic medieval castles? Or maybe your goal is to visit the museums of Shakespeare, Dickens or Winston Churchill? In any case, you will need a visa to visit the United Kingdom.
The UK is not a member of Schengen countries, it is impossible to enter its territory on a Schengen visa. Making a visa to the UK requires a personal presence when submitting documents to the visa center. It is more difficult to obtain a visa to the UK than to other countries in Europe, due to the increased requirements of the British Consulate for documents, but it is quite feasible.

In the process of obtaining a visa to the UK, the correctness of registration and the availability of all required documents play a huge role. It is important to be able to fill in the visa application form without mistakes and arrange the translation of all documentation into English. Experts from SNA Visa Service know what to do to maximize the chances of obtaining one of the most popular visas in the world.

Why you should go to the UK?

Great Britain is an ancient and beautiful country that has spread its expanses in the north-west of Europe. Every year it attracts millions of tourists, and it’s no coincidence! There are a dozen main reasons why you should go to this wonderful kingdom.

It is difficult to find a country with a richer history and preserved cultural traditions than the United Kingdom. It’s like a breath of fresh air in the modern world! A trip to England will especially attract people who appreciate the beauty around us! Its inexpressible natural and urban landscapes will not leave anyone indifferent.

Great Britain is a country with a rich culture! In this place you can enjoy the inexpressible impressions of visiting museums, libraries, cultural centers. The best whiskey is exactly England. This is the birthplace of this world-famous drink, and it is incredibly good here!

Great Britain gives the opportunity to discover the true homeland of the most popular language today – English, and the ability to personally touch the legend.

The United Kingdom is a wonderful country for traveling. In fact, England, Scotland, Wales and Offshore Islands offer a variety of holiday destinations for everyone – singles, couples and families – even if they plan to cross the ocean, travel by train all over the country or drive along motorways.

The forces of nature: wind, sea and ice combined to give this small island kingdom an amazing variety of landscapes – all relatively short distances from each other. Nothing in the United Kingdom is more than two hours away from the sea. Mountains and majestic hills, wild heaths and marshes, exquisite lakes and stables, lovely valleys and rivers.

Everyone knows that London is one of the most remarkable cities in the world, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. British cities have much to offer visitors. From the enchanting towers of Oxford and the medieval courtyards of York to the lively arts scene in Glasgow. Edinburgh Castle looks down on the vibrant capital of Scotland and Liverpool.

Famous British pubs are more than a place to eat and drink, they are a landmark country that have always existed in the same place for centuries. Their names tell a local story, often associated with local history, exiles, wars and customs. Their architecture – half-timbered, with thatched roofs, they are built of bricks. Pub Pandit is constantly on the list of the best great pubs, where you can find good beer and a hearty lunch.
Houses with thatched roofs, fairytale castles, soaring cathedrals, mansions – in the UK there is everything.

Reasons for denying a visa to the UK

When obtaining a visa to the United Kingdom, there are frequent refusals of a visa. Refusal of a visa to the UK looks like a black rectangular stamp with the date and number of the visa case, which is placed on a blank page in your passport. In addition to the stamp, you will receive an official letter on the refusal of the visa, which describes the reasons for the refusal in accordance with the immigration rules.

It’s just that you do not have the right to refuse. There is always a certain reason, for example: not a complete set of documents, questionable information, stated in the visa application form, etc.

  • Incorrect purpose of the trip

The importance of determining the purpose of travel to the UK is fundamental. The information depends on the purpose in the visa application form, type of visa, as well as a list of accompanying documents that are provided in support of your visa application (the so-called “visa application form for England”).

  • Terms of stay for a visa

If you filled out the visa application form for a tourist visa, where you indicated the period of stay, for example, 21 days, and your accompanying documents, such as the hotel reservation, show the booking confirmation only for 7 or 14 days, then at least this will cause questions from the consular officer, but as a maximum, a motivated refusal (which is the most common).

  • Failure to provide the required document

The absence of 1.2 confirming documents automatically puts an end to your visa application and accompanying documents. Each consular visa applicant is considered individually and in strict compliance with immigration rules, which stipulate that the applicant for a visa must show by documents no intention of remaining in England after the visa expires. In order that you are not mistaken for a potential immigrant and do not spoil you with a stamp on the denial of a passport, you must provide the visa documents in full. And even better – ask for help from experts from SNA Visa Service, who know exactly how to minimize your chances of failure.

  • Applicants related to the “risk group”:
      Young girls (from 18 to 24 years old) who are not in an official or civil marriage.
      Young girls (from 18 to 24 years old) who fly to the UK “to the guy.”
      Childless applicants (also mostly girls).
      Applicants recently employed (up to six months).
      If visa applicants do not have property (like a lack of immigration intentions), bank accounts, the chances of obtaining a visa are minimal.
  • Low salary and total work experience

Permanent employment is perhaps the most important thing that Englishmen pay attention to first of all when making a visa decision. Working together with a good salary indicates that there are socio-economic ties with the Motherland. On the contrary, low income demonstrates a certain inconsistency, and consequently, the inability to afford a trip to England. Long-term work experience, even at an average level of hp, demonstrates that the applicant is tied to his place of employment.

  • Accumulations are disproportionate to income

For the consular department, a very large balance in the bank account, with a low salary, is sure to arouse suspicion. Just too suspicious will look like a bank account opened recently, which will clearly let the visa officer know that this account was opened exclusively for a visa, for a tick.

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